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Adds a task to the specified job. The maximum lifetime of a task from addition to completion is 7 days. Савичевп порнографии a task has савичевп порнографии completed within 7 days of being added it will be terminated by the Batch service and left in whatever state it was in at that time. The maximum time that the server can spend processing the request, in seconds. The default is 30 seconds. The time the request was issued. A list of application packages that the Batch service will deploy to the compute node before running the command line.

Application packages are downloaded and deployed to a shared directory, not the task working directory. Therefore, савичевп порнографии a referenced package is already on the compute node, and is up to date, then it is not re-downloaded; савичевп порнографии existing copy on the compute node is used. If a referenced application package cannot be installed, for example because the package has been deleted or because download failed, the task fails.

Савичевп порнографии

The settings for an authentication token that the task can use to perform Batch service operations. If this property is set, the Batch service provides the task with an authentication token which can be used to authenticate Batch service савичевп порнографии without requiring an account access key. The operations that the task can carry out using the token depend on the settings.

For example, a task can request job permissions in order to add other tasks to the job, or check the status of the job or of other tasks under the job. Савичевп порнографии command line of the task. For multi-instance tasks, the савичевп порнографии line is executed as the primary task, after the primary task and all subtasks have finished executing the coordination command line.

The command line does not run under a shell, and therefore cannot take advantage of shell features such as environment variable expansion. If the command line refers to file paths, it should use a relative path relative to the task working directoryor use the Batch provided environment variable https: The савичевп порнографии constraints савичевп порнографии apply to this task.

The settings for the container under which the task runs. If the pool that will run this task has containerConfiguration set, this must be савичевп порнографии as well. The tasks that this task depends on. This task will not be scheduled until all tasks that it depends on have completed successfully.

If any of those tasks fail and exhaust their retry counts, this task will never be scheduled.

Савичевп порнографии

If the job does not have usesTaskDependencies set to true, and this element is present, the request fails with error code TaskDependenciesNotSpecifiedOnJob. A display name for the task. The display name need not be unique and can contain any Unicode characters up to a maximum савичевп порнографии of Specifies how the Batch service should respond when the task completes.

How the Batch service should respond when the task completes. A string that uniquely identifies the task within the job. The ID can contain any combination of alphanumeric characters including hyphens and underscores, and cannot contain more than 64 characters. The ID is case-preserving and case-insensitive that is, you may not have two IDs within a job that differ only by case. Савичевп порнографии object that indicates that the task is a multi-instance task, and contains information about how to run the савичевп порнографии task.

Multi-instance tasks are commonly used to support MPI tasks. A list of files that the Batch service will upload from the compute node after running the command line. For multi-instance tasks, the files will only be uploaded from the compute node on which the primary task is executed. A list of files that the Batch service will download to the compute node before running the command line.

For multi-instance tasks, the resource files will савичевп порнографии be савичевп порнографии to the compute node on which the primary task is executed. The савичевп порнографии identity under which the task runs. If omitted, the task runs савичевп порнографии a non-administrative user unique савичевп порнографии the task. A locality hint that can be used by the Batch service to select a compute node on which to start a task. A specification for uploading files from an Azure Batch node to another location after the Batch service савичевп порнографии finished executing the task process.

Details about an output file upload operation, including under what conditions to perform the upload. Specifies any dependencies of a task.

Any task that is explicitly specified or within a dependency range must complete before the dependant task will be scheduled. A range of task IDs that a task can depend on. All tasks with IDs in the range must complete successfully before the dependent task can be scheduled. An opaque string representing the location of a compute node or a task that has run previously.

Савичевп порнографии

You can pass the affinityId of a compute node to indicate that this task needs to run on that compute node. Note that this is just a soft affinity. If the target node is busy or unavailable at савичевп порнографии time the task is scheduled, then the task will be scheduled elsewhere. The version of the application to deploy.

If omitted, the default version is deployed. If this is omitted on a pool, and no default version is specified for this application, the request fails with the error code InvalidApplicationPackageReferences and HTTP status code If this is omitted on a task, and no савичевп порнографии version is specified for this application, the task савичевп порнографии with a pre-processing error.

Савичевп порнографии

The Batch resources to which the token grants access. The authentication token grants access to a limited set of Batch service operations. Specifies that the task runs as the common auto user account which is created on every node in a pool. An identifier for the error. Codes are invariant and are intended to be consumed programmatically. How the Batch service савичевп порнографии respond if the task exits with an exit code in the range start to end inclusive.

How the Batch service should respond if the task fails with an exit condition not савичевп порнографии by any of the other properties. This value is used if the task exits with any nonzero exit code not listed in the exitCodes or exitCodeRanges collection, with a pre-processing error if the preProcessingError property is not present, or with a file upload error if the fileUploadError property is not present.

If you want non-default behaviour on exit савичевп порнографии 0, you must list it explicitly using the exitCodes or exitCodeRanges collection. How the Batch service should respond if a file савичевп порнографии error occurs.

If the task exited with савичевп порнографии exit code that was specified via exitCodes or exitCodeRanges, and then encountered a file upload error, then савичевп порнографии action specified by the exit code takes precedence. An action that the Batch service performs on tasks that depend on this task.

The default is none for exit code 0 and terminate for all other exit conditions. This is equivalent to calling the disable job API, with a disableTasks value of савичевп порнографии. A list of files that the Batch service will download before running the coordination command line. The difference between common resource files and task resource files is that common resource files are downloaded for all subtasks including the primary, whereas task resource files are downloaded only for the primary.

Also note that these resource files are not downloaded to the task савичевп порнографии directory, but instead are downloaded to the task root directory one directory above the working directory. The command line to run on all the compute nodes to enable them to coordinate when the primary runs the main task command. A typical coordination command line launches a background service and verifies that the service is ready to process савичевп порнографии messages.

A pattern indicating which file s to upload. Both relative and absolute paths are supported. Relative paths are relative to the task working directory. The following wildcards are supported: Brackets can include a negation to match any character not specified for example [! If a file name starts with ". Additional options for the upload operation, including under what conditions to perform the upload.

Савичевп порнографии

The destination blob or virtual directory within the Azure Storage container. If filePattern refers to савичевп порнографии specific file i. If filePattern contains one or more wildcards and therefore may match multiple filesthen path is савичевп порнографии name of the blob virtual directory which is prepended to each blob name to which to upload the file s.

If omitted, file s are uploaded to the root of the container with a blob name matching their file name. The conditions under which the task output file or set савичевп порнографии files should be савичевп порнографии. The default is taskcompletion.

This URL must be readable using anonymous access; that is, the Batch service does not present any credentials when downloading the blob. There are two ways to get such a URL for a blob in Azure storage: The file permission mode attribute in octal format. This савичевп порнографии applies only to files being downloaded to Linux compute nodes.

Савичевп порнографии

It will be ignored if it is specified for a resourceFile which will be downloaded to a Windows node. If this property is not specified савичевп порнографии a Linux node, then a default value of is applied to the file. A locality hint that can be used by the Batch service to select a compute node on which to start the new task. The maximum number of савичевп порнографии the task may be retried.

Савичевп порнографии

The Batch service retries a task if its exit code is nonzero. Note that this value specifically controls the number of retries for the task executable due to a nonzero exit code.

The Batch service will try the task once, and may then retry up to савичевп порнографии limit. For example, if the maximum retry count is савичевп порнографии, Batch tries the task up to 4 times one initial try and 3 retries.

Савичевп порнографии

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